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Project Details

Case Study – Frogparking in Palmerston North City 



Palmerston North City is New Zealand’s eighth largest growing city, with a population of over 80,000, the city’s CBD is a concentrated area with a vibrant shopping centre, catering for over 50,000 vehicle trips a week.


The city’s CBD is equipped with ITS’s parking meters, with varying time restrictions in place.


Frogparking pitched it’s vision to the City, and the City was keen to be involved in the development of leading edge parking technologies by a local company, and contributed knowledge and ideas in the early stages of the development.

Since the commissioning of the system in 2010, the site has attracted interest from around the world, with many international delegates visiting Palmerston North to learn about the benefits of the technology.




In September 2010, Frogparking implemented a project to install and commission an intelligent parking system. A total of 2,613 solar powered Frog occupancy sensors are installed throughout Palmerston North city CBD, New Zealand.


The sensors are surface mounted, with a space identifier installed on the pavement to allow the motorist to pay at the meter (pay by space).


All Frog sensors are integrated with ITS’s Metro pay by space parking meter (payment terminal). This integration is unique, in that the sensors communicate directly to the parking meter. What this means is that when the parking space becomes unoccupied, any time remaining on the meter for that space ‘zero’s out’.



Parking Meter Integration

The Frogparking solution is integrated with the GPRS enabled pay by space parking meters.


This means when a vehicle occupies a parking space, the ‘chalk time’ is recorded at Frogparking’s cloud based parking management system. Then, when the motorist pays for their parking space, the information is matched together at the server. Then when the payment expires, the enforcement officer is automatically directed to issue an infringement notice.


This encouraged more motorists to pay at the meter, as there is an increased chance of being caught if not complying with parking rules. Frogparking’s own data shows that compliance increased from 60% to 92% in Palmerston North City.


Frogparking’s integration with ITS’s Metro meter is the most reliable and robust integration of any sensor to meter. A small piece of circuitry is attached to the side of the meter, allowing communications to and from Frog sensors and the meter. All sensor communications are sent to the Internet in real time, using the GPRS connection that is already established inside the meter (used for text and credit card payments).


This integration eliminates the need for additional visual street clutter like gateways or repeaters mounted on poles around the city. All circuitry associated with the system is hidden inside the meter.


This also means that the sensor to meter communications are more robust than a web integration – there is no latency, as the hardware is communicating directly.

Frog occupancy data and meter payment data is collected in real time and compared. The system knows instantly when a vehicle becomes infringing and automatically tasks an enforcement officer once the grace period has expired.




The city employs six full time parking enforcement Officers. The Officer’s use a Smartphone running the Frogparking app. The app receives information from Frogparking’s cloud-based management system, letting each Officer know when a vehicle nearby starts infringing. It shows them how to get to each infringement, and displays all information required to issue the ticket.


The Frogparking management system gathers real-time data from the parking meters and compares sensor based occupancy data with parking payment for each space. So if a vehicle is parked on an expired parking space, the Officer’s are automatically notified on their Smartphone.


Using the Frogparking enforcement system, ticketing levels increased from less than 3% to 6.2% with no addition or increase to the enforcement team.


By simply utilising Frogparking technologies, this client has significantly increased their enforcement efficiencies, while maintaining current staffing levels. This has resulted in increased revenues, and a more efficient parking service.



Mobile App

The client has recently released Frogparking’s mobile app (parking payment on iPhone and Android) to allow their customers to view live parking availability in the city, and the ability to pay for their parking on the app without having to interact with the parking meter.


The city continues to enjoy the benefits of Frogparking’s leading edge parking management solution.


Project pictures:


1) Frogparking solar sensors are integrated with ITS’s parking meter via circuity hidden within the ‘Pay Here’ sign


2) Frogparking solar sensors installed on-street in Palmerston North City

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