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Project Details

The Client:

United Parking Systems Inc. West Palm Beach, FL.

The Objective:

Remove manual labor, automate lots for afterhours revenue, accept bills and credit cards.

The Solution:

Metropolis Pay-By-Plate from Global Parking Solutions.


The Result: 

Increased revenue, new and additional customers, and improved compliance, better customer experience.


“While we expected an increase in revenue by removing the manual collection of cash, we didn’t expect such a significant revenue increase.”

Freddy Torres - President, United Parking System Inc.


“It’s big on customer service, if someone forgets to display a ticket or makes a mistake the machine stores their information. Compliance has also improved; people can’t cheat the system by reusing tickets.”

Ed Merten - President, South Florida Booting Inc. 


Eliminate cash leakage, attract new customers and improve compliance.

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