Beacon Overhead Bay Guidance Solution


Beacon Parking Services, together with our partners over at Parking sense, now provide an overhead bay guidance solution is a quick, easy and highly affordable method of creating a stunning individual bay guidance solution for your car park.


A busy car park is a great situation to have as an operator but this can also lead to customer dissatisfaction at peak times as drivers drive round and round your car park seeking that elusive parking space.


For an industry leading price, you can create a complete overhead bay guidance solution for your car park.


The Easy Guide overhead bay guidance system simply works by highlighting free parking spaces using an overhead indicator which glows an intense, bright green colour, drawing drivers to its free parking space.


Once occupied, the overhead unit turns an intense red, showing that the space is no longer available.


The driver simple enters your car park an heads for the green spaces, finding their parking space quickly and easily - creating a customer focused, affordable bay guidance solution.


A high effective and highly accessible guidance solution for your car park.