Frog Active Permit


Imagine having a windscreen mounted Permit which knows where you are, whether you are driving or parked and is able to charge you for your period of parking based on the tariff of your parking location.

Reduce your cash collection and enforcement costs whilst making the driver experience to your town or city effortless.


Where do I place it?

Mounted in the windscreen, the Frog Active Permit constantly charges it’s in-built battery using it’s solar panel. The Frog Active Permit has an in-built GPS device, accelerometer and is wirelessly communicative, holding your account details on its engrained memory chips.


What equipment is required?

The infrastructure require to use the Frog Active Permit is extremely low.


To use the Frog Active Permit system, you simply need:


1.       A Frog Active Permit displayed in your windscreen or dashboard,

2.       A gateway unit to receive the wireless communication from the Frog Active Permit

3.       Access to the web-based Frog Active Permit back office system


The back office holds all customer account details and allows new accounts to be set-up and administrated as well as providing full usage reporting and activity, offering a fully administrable system to the client.


Truly Smart innovation from Beacon Parking Services Ltd.”