Who We Are?

Beacon Parking Services Ltd (BPS) was founded in January 2014 by a group of parking industry professionals whose passion was to select the world’s most innovative parking technology and make it available to car park owners / managers in the UK.

BPS provide full car park management services, from initial site survey to proposal, implementation and management services and the sale and maintenance of parking technologies. Ensuring that whatever your need, big or small, BPS can meet and deliver the perfect solution.

Our collective industry experience spans over 30 years and has worked with some of the largest and demanding organisations in the UK. Our professionalism, passion and wealth of knowledge ensures that one of your most valuable assets is managed to achieve optimum revenue generation and / or customer care whilst being protective of your core values and brand reputation.

At BPS we pride ourselves on a right first-time approach which adds immediate value to your business or organisation, trust BPS to deliver Integrated Parking Solutions to your parking assets.

What we believe – 4 Core Values – To Be
Achieved With Every Client


Improve the end user experience


Deliver innovative parking technology


Increase client profitability


Give the client total visibility of their car parking assets

Our clients

At BPS we believe that the client is the most important element of any management operation, it’s our privilege to be asked to manage your parking assets and we take this placed trust very seriously.

Our clients can always expect three things from BPS:

1. Constant and clear communication
2. Honesty & Professional Integrity
3. Quick and efficient delivery of service and products

Using these principles of client management, BPS endeavour to provide the highest standards of client delivery, ensuring that the trust placed in us is valued and rewarded.