Beacon provides the design and installation of ‘Smart Charging’ that makes the most efficient use of existing electricity inf rastructure, at the best energy prices, designed for our clients driving needs, and is simple and easy to use as part of our customised signage portfolio Unlike internal combustion engine cars, we can literally have a fuel station in our garage or at work. And just like our smartphones, we can start every new day with a full battery.


Selecting the right charger comes down to how you want to use it. Workplace Charging Public Charging – Home Charging

Worksafe compliant EV chargers. We focus on smart charging, and monitor, manage, and monetise chargers on our client’s behalf .

EV Smart-Charging Consultation

An initial meeting is required to answer a number of basic questions: Number & type of carparks How many carparks are being provided for tenants? How many do you want to pre-wire? Will tenants own their own carparks, or will these be shared? Building Spare Capacity What’s the total amount of capacity available (with tolerances) at peak/off-peak? Alternative Mobility Is external EV charging required for shared mobility or generic carparks

Featured: RETRACTABLE PUBLIC CHARGER – Invisible Urban Charging Smart Bollard
Product Description

The IU Charging Smart Bollard is an on-street EV charger designed to blend into the urban environment, not pollute it with ugly street furniture.

It is a premium product, made from stainless steel with a self-cleaning system and designed to maintain good looks for years to come.

All Smart Bollard chargers are controlled via off-street cabinets which house all the main system controls. This ensures the core systems are easily maintained and there is minimal requirement to remove bollards and disturb urban activity.

  • Charge all Mode-3 vehicles
  • Output power from 7.4kW
  • Charges 2 vehicles simultaneously
  • Load control across multiple chargers
  • LED lighting both in the top logo and the bollard to indicate availability
  • 24/7 connected to our network integration (OCPP)
  • Built-in communications (all off board in a separate disguised cabinet)


  • Beautiful city environments (streets, historic areas etc)
  • New developments
  • Joint EV charging/protection environments i.e. charger during the day, protection at night
  • Businesses where customers congregate and don’t want ugly street furniture i.e. shopping centres, leisure venues, supermarket s, restaurants etc.