Our Camera-Based Parking Guidance System is based on double detection technology. Thanks to installation in the centre of the aisle, our Image Sensors can supervise parking spaces on both sides of the parking lane, giving detailed real-time information on space rotation, occupancy rates and infringements.

Improve safety & surveillance management

  • HD video storage up to 48 hours
  • Motion activated camera
  • Data accessible from ParkManager Software or integrated with CCTV system

Value-added services for your end-users

  • Find your Car for each parking space. The information is stored in ParkManager Software and can be displayed in a kiosk, integrated in the payment machine or in an app helping the end-users to find their car.
  • Mobile Payment. Thanks to the license plate number recognition, the payment can be made through a mobile app.
  • VIP, Employee, Black & White List Better management of parking areas by setting different dynamic pricing per zone.

Solution benefits

  • The double detection technology assures the highest camera detection reliability in the market
  • Reduction of maintenance costs thanks to the design of the enclosure
  • Accurate at profiling drivers (license plate numbers, rotation, occupation stats, etc.)
  • Better sense of safety & security in the car park
  • Better management of VIP, Employees, Black & White lists

How does our Camera-Based Parking Guidance Work?

  1. Once the driver parks on the desired parking space, our image sensors detect the license plate number of the vehicle.
  2. Data is collected on our ParkManager platform and it can be displayed on different devices such as kiosk, mobile app, payment machine, etc.
  3. When the driver wants to leave the facility but cannot find the car, the user can go directly to a kiosk / payment machine / app and our Find your Car solution shows where the vehicle is located.
  4. The driver leaves the facility with an unrivalled parking experience.