5 Benefits of Upgrading Your Car Park Management

The last thing people want to deal with on the way to work, a game, or a show is parking. Finding a car park with availability in a heavily trafficked area is the worst, especially when there are special events happening nearby. The more and more cities and businesses promote car sharing services to overcome parking challenges, the more your car park risks going out of business. With a few technology changes and upgrades, you can improve your car park management and see great benefits, including maximizing your return on investment.

Upgrade Your Car Park and See Bigger Benefits

From the customer to the car park owner and manager, everyone will benefit from upgrading your car park. Here are just a few of the perks:

Achieves customer satisfaction

What customers want more than anything is to be able to park faster and easier. Wasting time searching for an available car parking space, driving around for a space, waiting for another driver to leave a space, and dealing with the pay station are all opportunities for improvement. But, if your car park offered a seamless experience that included online booking reservations, better signage of available spaces, user-friendly and fast pay stations, and safety assurance, then you would delight your customers in more ways than one. And happy customers are likely to tell their friends and give you repeat business.

Increases ROI

Improving the customer experience is one thing. What if you were able to maximize profits at your car park? Upgraded car park technology gives you the ability to advertise nearby businesses at pay stations, car park elevators, your website, or app. Having an efficient parking management system also means your car park would be able to accommodate more cars and take advantage of more spaces, which means more revenue. In addition, your car park technology would be able to catch offenders who exceed their time limit, charging them more accurately for their actual time spent in the car park.

Decreases environmental impact

Driving through a car park is time consuming. And if there is traffic congestion, then there’s even more of a waiting time to advance. The driving and the waiting in traffic has a negative impact on the environment with continuous exhaust emissions polluting the air. Improving your car park management reduces emission levels when traffic flow to the appropriate parking space is faster and more efficient. Offering more smart car parking bays and accessibility to these spaces also helps reduce the carbon footprint.

Improves safety and security

Car parks have bad reputations for theft and crime. But with upgraded car park technology, you can implement cameras, sensors, and license plate recognition to increase safety and security. When drivers are able to find a space faster and easier, the chances of an accident are reduced greatly because drivers aren’t distracted looking around for a space. Unlawful entry and time limit offenders are also able to be monitored and charged appropriately with license plate recognition features in your car park platform.

Keeps you competitive in the market

Highly congested cities have car parks on nearly every corner. Upgrading your car park will help you gain a higher market share because fast and efficient service will always win against antiquated car park systems. Your customers talk to each other and will always give positive and negative reviews, especially regarding car parks. You want your car park to be the talk of the town, in a positive way, of course.

Start Reaping the Rewards of a New Car Park Solution

With a few upgrades you can turn your car park from a hassle and liability to a profitable asset. The expense may seem overwhelming at first, but you will see both short and long-term benefits once you’ve implemented a new solution. Not only that, but your managers, customers, and local businesses will also enjoy the new platform you have to offer.

Talk to us today about your car park needs and we’ll develop a smart and effective solution for your business. Beacon Parking Services provides full car park management solutions, from initial site survey to proposal, implementation and management services, and the sale and maintenance of parking technologies. Ensuring that whatever your need, big or small, BPS can meet and deliver the perfect solution.