About Click2Park

Our car park management systems will help you achieve your Business, Planning & Operational goals.

Our system is highly configurable, adapting to fulfil diverse client requirements and parking policies. The system allows you to choose whether to allow staff to manage their own parking on a self-service basis or to enforce rigid administration of your parking assets.

  • Annual Permits & Ad-Hoc Bookings
  • User Accounts Self-Service
  • Mobile Version to Book on the Move
  • Click2Park (C2P) takes a Permit-based approach to parking management, with client-side Admin staff able to allocate permission to park in a specific space within a specific car park.
  • Non-permit holders are able to book any available or unused spaces in 15 minute to 1 day slots within a designated total.
  • 5 User Levels, with Higher Admin access to extensive reporting including: contractors, visitors, permits & applicants, car sharing, bookings & breaches.
  • C2P also offers a Mobile Application that enables your workforce to quickly & easily book a space from their iPhone, iPad, Android device or Smartphone.

About Visitor Express

trusted by these partner companies:

Elegant Booking Service

Optimised for tablet use allowing receptionists to be location efficient. Hosts, Reception & Security receive confirmation on visitor arrival.

Link your Car Park to Room bookings and automate alerts to all attendees prior to start time.

Integrated Parking

Secure Visitor Parking linking directly to barrier control. Payment gateway to offer flexible parking solutions. Mobile friendly for visitors to update their arrival time or extend stay.